About 51 Shaktipeeths

To give devotees of Goddess Shakti, a unique project is created circumventing Gabbar Hills at Ambaji, Gujarat. Lookalike temples of all the 51 Shakti Peeth are created here for providing a once in lifetime opportunity for devotees to get the blessings of all the forms of Goddess Shakti. The ShaktiPeeths bestow holy achievements & spiritual welfare to its devotees.

As the legend says that visiting all the Shakti Peeths is like performing Ashvamegh Yagya, which will take the devotees to success in their lives.

After putting 6 years to the project and with the blessings of Goddess Shakti, the project is now ready to launch for the devotees and they can have the good fortune of visiting all the 51 Shakti Peeth, At One Place and in One Life time.