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Company Name
E I Granites E-Land Apparel E-Metals India
E-Serve Intl E.Star Info E2E Networks
Earnest Health Earthstahl Earum Pharmace
East Buildtech East Coast Stee East India Sec
East West East West Trav East West Trave
Eastern Circuit Eastern Gases Eastern Granite
Eastern Intl Eastern Logica Eastern Mining
Eastern Oversea Eastern Silk Eastern Sugar
Eastern Treads Easun Reyrl Easy Fincorp
Easy Trip EBBETF0433 Ebers Pharma
ECE Industries Eclat Chemicals eClerx Services
ECML Eco Friendly Eco Recycling
Ecoboard Inds Econo Trade Ecoplast
ECS Biztech Eddy Current Edelweiss
Edelweiss EQ30 Edelweiss ETF Edelweiss Nifty
Edserv Softsyst Educomp Sol Eduexel Info
EDVEN-RE Edvenswa Ent. Edynamics Sol
EFC Efcon Sec Effingo Textile
EFS06AUG08 Eggro Paper Eicher
Eicher Motors EICL EID Parry
Eider Elect Eider Infotech Eighty Jeweller
EIH EIH - RE EIH Assoc Hotel
Eiko Lifescienc EIL FPO Eimco Elecon
Ejecta Marketin Ekam Leasing Ekennis Softwar
EKI Energy El Forge Elango Ind
Elantas Beck Elar Fashions ELB Schliff
Elbee Services Elcaps Elcid Investmen
Elcon Finlease Eldeco Housing Elder Healthcar
Elder Pharma Elder Projects Elecon Eng
Electra (India) Electrex Electric Contro
Electro Scan In Electrolux Kel Electronics Mar
Electrosteel Electrosteel St Electrotherm
Elegant Flori Elegant Marble Elegant Pharma
Elektro Flame ELF Trading Elgi Auto Parts
Elgi Equipments Elgi Finance Elgi Rubber
Elin Electronic Elite Appliance ELITECON INTL.
Elixir Cap Ellenbarrie Ind Ellora Paper
Ellora Steel Elnet Elnet Tech
Elpro Int Elque Polyester Eltrol
Elvis India Ltd EMA India Emaai Pharma
Emaar MGF Land Emami Emami Paper
Emami Realty Embassy Office Emco Techno Emerald Leasing Emerald Leisure
Emerald-RE Emergent Ind Emergy Pharma
Emgee Cables Emkay Aromatics Emkay Global
Emkay Ind Emkay Taps Emmbi Ind
Emmessar Biotec Emmsons Intl Empee Distiller
Empee Sugars Empire Hotels Empire Ind
Emporis Project Empower India Empyrean Cashew
Emtex Ind eMudhra Enarai Finance
Enbee Trade Encash Ent Enchante Jewel
Encode Packag Encore Software Endurance Techn
Energy Dev Energy Products Engine Valves
Engineers India Enhanced Value Enjayes Natural
Enkay Texo Ind Enkei Wheels Ennore Coke
Ensa Steel Enso Secutrack Ent Network Ind
Entegra Enterprise Intl Envair Electro
Enviro-Clean Eon Electric Eonour Tech
EP Biocompo EPIC Energy Epic Enzymers
EPL Epsom Prop Equipment Cond
EQUIPPP Equitas Bank Equitas Holding
Era Buildsys Era Infra Eng Eris Life
Eros Intl ERP Soft System Esaar (India)
Esab India ESCMFgrow Escorp Asset Ma
Escorts Finance Escorts Kubota Esenes Forgings
Esha Media Eskay Knit Eskay Pharma
Espire Hospital Esquire Enginee Esquire Money
ESS DEE Essar Oil Essar Ports
Essar Sec Essar Shipping Essar Steel
Essar Tele Essel Software Essem Catalyst
Essemm Info Essen Computers ESSEN-RE
ESSEN-RE1 Essjay Syntheti Esskay Tele
Esteem Bio Estel Agrotech Ester Ind
ETC Networks Ethos ETP Corporation
ETT Eupharma Labs Eureka Forbes
Eureka Ind Euro Ceramics Euro India Fres
Euro Industries Euro Leder Euro Leder Fash
Euro Marine Pro Euro Panel EuroMult
European Soft Europlast India Eurotex
Evans Electric Eveready Ind Everest Ind
Everest Kanto Everest Market Everest Organic
EVERFIN Evergreen Tex Everonn Edu
Evexia Lifecare Evinix Evoq Remedies
Excel Excel Castronic Excel Crop Care
Excel Glasses Excel Realty Exdon Trading
Exedy India Exel Software Exelon Infra
Exhicon Events Exide Ind EXL Services
Exotic Coal Expleo Solution ExplicitFinance
Expo Gas Cont Exquisite Exp Extol Comm



(June 17, 2016)

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