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Sensex Challenge Winners
SENSEX Close: 39,735.53
Name Predicted Value Difference
Tarun Sangtani 39,740.85 5.32
Atul Mote 39,711.71 23.82
  • The Definedge Conference on Market Analysis (DECMA, 2020) is an annual conference held every year wherein successful traders / investors are invited to share their experiences which can help fellow traders enhance their investing / trading skills.
  • This conference will showcase expert speakers delivering sessions on interesting topics like Trading Psychology, Risk Management, Innovative trading / investing techniques using technical analysis, blending fundamental with technical analysis and much more.
  • Taking the sixth edition of the DECMA 2020 conference to the next level is the fact that it is a 2 day residential conference on a cruise over the weekend, scheduled from Saturday 14th March to Monday (morning) 16th March.
  • To know more about the event, click here