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The Green Pivot: Will the IPCC report bring the world out of the climate coma?

Unless adequate funding is ensured, the world will fail to avert a climate catastrophe, which will be disastrous for a developing nation such as India

March 28, 2023 / 09:56 AM IST
The Green Pivot: Will the IPCC report bring the world out of the climate coma?

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Highlights IPCC report warns of climate catastrophe Current measures inadequate to meet the Paris target Developing nations to be affected more by global warming Difference of opinion between the developed and the developing nations on climate finance India needs to be more alert as its current reliance on fossil fuels is substantial As G20 head, India has an opportunity to build consensus on climate funding A recent report by a UN-backed scientists’ group is a clear admission that the world’s fight so far against climate change...

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